Produce Apparel, Lake Forest

"Produce Apparel has used Creepy Crawlers for the past 5 years to service our 15,000 sq. ft. facility and have been very satisfied with the prompt and effective results provided. We have used CC for ant, bee, and wasp infestations."

Steve Martin, San Clemente

"We have been a Creepy Crawlers clients for two years now and are extremely satisfied with their services. We have been virtually bug free for two years and in the event that the little critters do show up, they come right out and put a stop to them. Thank you Creepy Crawlers!!!"

Bobbie and Jeff Werk, Coto de Caza

"Our home was experiencing a serious ant invasion when we contacted Creepy Crawlers. They came and solved the problem immediately. We are very happy with Creepy Crawlers because we no longer have any bug issues and the service is excellent."

Kelly Ewing, San Juan Capistrano

"My house was previously overwhelmed with ant because we live next a 42 acre lot. Creepy Crawlers immediately solved my issue and continues to provide the regular visits to support an "ant free" environment."

The Thumble Center, Mission Viejo

"We have been using Creepy Crawlers Pest control at our home for the past 4 years and when we started our new business we knew we need the reassurance of having dependable/reliable service. Bugs are not an option in a children's based business like the 5K sq foot Tumble Center. Creepy Crawlers provides great service in a responsive and friendly way. We rely on Creepy Crawlers to understand the methods/options in bug control and are happy to serve as a reference."

Dave, Lake Forest

"I have rarely seen an ant since Creepy Crawlers started treating our yard a couple of years ago. Very consistent good service. Creepy Crawlers also has provided helpful suggestions and service for getting rid of rodents. Great service! We would highly recommend using Creepy Crawlers Pest Control."