About Us

Locally owned and operated, Creepy Crawlers Pest Control has been proudly serving Orange County since 1991. We provide excellent and prompt service for all of your pest control needs. We give you professional service and excellent pricing . We provide services for Residential, Homeowners Associations, and Commercial Properties. Schedule one of our services today and find out why we are preferred over all the rest.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Creepy Crawlers Pest Control is to provide high quality and expedient customer service. We utilize the latest in technological innovations and advancements and continually improve our process in order to better serve our customers. Honesty, integrity, and education are the building blocks of our superior company and service.

Family Friendly Treatments

We use naturally occurring materials to discourage pests from entering the home or structure. Low toxicity, odor free, long lasting, environmentally friendly, and family friendly chemicals protect your family and structure. With your safety in mind, we use the most advanced and safe chemicals on the market.

Creepy Crawler Technicians